Various men’s ministries in local churches have been starting and growing in Singapore and beyond.  We believe with all our heart that this is a work of God and reflects His burden for the discipleship of men through the local church.

Many of these men’s ministries have regular men’s meetings and some of these meetings are open to men from other churches.

If you wish to

  • find out more about men’s ministry or
  • are keen to either start a men’s ministry or
  • are considering next possible steps for your existing men’s ministry,

please do not hesitate to contact us with your pastor and/or team and we would be most happy to explore some thoughts and ideas together.

Below are some benefits of visiting existing men’s ministry meetings at various churches :

  1. For those without a men’s ministry in your local church, there is much encouragement being part of a community of like-minded men interested in discipleship.
  2. For those eager to start a men’s ministry in your local church, attending men’s ministry meetings at other churches facilitates learning and sharing of best practices on how to organize and conduct a men’s ministry.

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