1. Are there membership fees and/or other associated charges for joining the Network?
    There are no membership fees or any other charges required to join the Network. Please see <Membership>
    for criteria.

  2. Is membership to this Network open to all denominations?
    Yes. There is no restriction on denominations. However, members must have a burden for ministering to men to facilitate their discipleship in Christ.

  3. What are the benefits for joining the Network?
    Members will have privileged access to the Network resources such as
    • speakers with specific interests and domain expertise
    • periodic in-house newsletter and articles
    • facility to publish their men’s ministry meetings / events
    • access to men's ministry teams of Network members to share frameworks, ideas and experiences on starting and sustaining men’s ministries.

  4. Why is membership only corporate and not individual?
    We seek your understanding in this. Our mission is about facilitating discipleship of men within the distinctive context ie vision, mission, infrastructure, culture of your local church. It is our belief that the involvement of your church is therefore critical to any effective ministry to men on a meaningful scale within your church.

  5. What if my church does not wish to be a member?
    We do encourage you to seek it. However, we appreciate there may good reasons why this may not be possible. You can certainly be on our mailing list.

  6. Are women allowed to join this Network?
    This is a men’s ministry network and fundamental to our philosophy is that men need a safe place which means it will be a men only context. We fully celebrate our fellow sisters in Christ and fully believe that there is no distinction in terms of our identity in Christ whether man or woman and our philosophy is simply tied in to the mission of this network and what we believe to be of fundamental importance to a men’s ministry platform.

  7. What are specific commitments of being a member?
    There are no specific commitments. Membership is strictly voluntary. Currently the Network has 3 key events a year ie an Annual Men’s Prayer, an Annual Men’s Conference and an Annual Men’s Equipping Seminar. We do strongly encourage members to participate in any one or more of these events as these events seek to enable members to interact and build relationships, share and learn best practices, and for mutual encouragement, equipping and empowerment.

  8. Is this a parachurch organization?
    No it is not. Please go to <About Us>
    . We are a loosely organised relational based network of men committed to discipleship of men within the local church. Please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you need further clarification.