The vision of a Men’s Ministry Network was seeded in 2010 following the 3rd Annual Men's Conference of Men-In-Covenant (MiC), the Men’s Ministry of Covenant Evangelical Free Church. Highlights of this conference, co-sponsored by Campus Crusade, were as follows:

  • 7 churches / men's ministries / parachurches involved
  • Dr Josh McDowell as Key Note Conference Speaker
  • 1,600 men from various faiths including 1,400 men across 136 churches

The momentum continued into 2011 with 24 churches / men's ministries / parachurches participating in MiC's 4th Annual Men's Conference co-sponsored by the Navigators and with Dr Jerry White, International President Emeritus as Conference Speaker.

Following an inaugural meeting in July 2010, the Network was formally launched on 13th May 2011 in a closed door dialogue with Dr Jerry White as Guest Speaker. This event was attended by more than 100 pastors and key lay leaders across 60 churches, men's ministries and Christian organizations.

The Network sees more than 20 churches / men’s ministries / parachurches involved and a Steering Committee comprising pastors and key lay leaders from different local churches and organization. Please see <MMN Leadership>.

Please watch the attached videos for other information and highlights.

1   About Men’s Ministry Network – Inaugural Video 2011
Link at

This video shares captures the heartbeat and essence of Men's Ministry Network, its commitment to men's discipleship and belief in ministries to men by its Steering Committee Members (pastors and key lay leaders across 11 Churches/Parachurch Organisations).

2   Rev Edmund Chan on Men’s Ministry Network
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Rev Edmund Chan, then Senior Pastor of Covenant Evangelical Free Church, is Founding Member of Men's Ministry Network Advisory Council which comprises Senior Pastors Daniel Foo (Bethesda (Bedok-Tampines) Church), Bishop Rennis Ponniah (Anglican Diocese of Singapore), Bishop Terry Kee (Lutheran Chuch in Singapore), Rev Guna Raman (Agape Baptist Church), Executive Director Peter Tang (Singapore Baptist Convention), Rev David Wong (Zion Bishan Bible-Presbyterian Church) and Rev Dominic Yeo (Trinity Christian Centre).

3   Men’s Ministry Network 13 May 2011 Launch with Dr Jerry White
Link at http://youtu.be/QbkCUS9EpWg (please note that the first segment of this video is similar to Video 2 above).

The launch of Men's Ministry Network was graced by Dr Jerry White, Emeritus International President, the Navigators, who shared a message on "Finishing Well".  This event was attended by more than 100 pastors and lay leaders across more than 100 churches and Christian organizations.

4   On Men’s Ministry from Advisors of Men’s Ministry Network
Link at http://youtu.be/oAgU7fefqpU

Dr Geoff Gorsuch, Director Men's Ministry, the Navigators and Rev Tan Kiong, Senior Pastor, Covenant Evangelical Free Church are Advisors to Men's Ministry Network.

5    Demystifying Men’s Ministry – A Vital Link to Men’s Disciplship 
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This men's ministry equipping seminar held in Oct 2011 at Kum Yan Methodist Church is organised by Men's Ministry Network. Key plenaries : "God's Mandate for Godly Man" by Senior Pastor (Rev) Tan Kay Kiong, Covenant Evangelical Free Church and "Every Man needs a Brother" by Dr Geoff Gorsuch, Men's Ministry Director, The Navigators.  Workshops : "Do i need another ministry?" with a Senior Pastors Panel comprising Rev Kay Kiong, Ps Daniel Foo, Bethesda (Bedok-Tampines) Church and Ps Guna Raman, Agape Baptist Church and "Essentials of a Men's Ministry" with a Men's Ministry Leaders Panel comprising Dr Gorsuch, David Ang, Kum Yan Methodist Church and Kirk Tan, Men-in-Covenant.

6   Men's Ministry Network (Genesis in a 2010 Men's Conference)
Link at http://youtu.be/o9vY7ltO35o

The vision for this Network was seeded in the 3rd Annual Men's Conference of Men-in-Covenant, men's ministry of Covenant Evangelical Free Church.  At this Conference entitled "Every Man a Son" which was co-sponsored by Campus Crusade Mass Media and whose speaker was Dr Josh McDowell, 7 churches and parachurch organisations came together as participating organizations.  This Conference was attended by 1,600 men from across 100 churches and organizations.

Men's Ministry Network is co-sponsor of Men's Conference 2012 entitled "A Man and HIs Money - Being Truly Rich!" featuring CEO of Crown Financial Ministries Chuck Bentley.

7   Men’s Conference 2012 – A Man and His Money (Promo Video)
Link at http://youtu.be/p3G4OkwnX0I

Men's Conference 2012 entited "A man and his money - being truly rich!" is a men's conference co-sponsored by Men's Ministry Network and Men-in-Covenant in partnership with Crown Financial Ministries whose CEO Chuck Bentley was the Conference Speaker. This Conference was attended by more than a 1000 men.