We’re a loose association of church leaders with a burden for the discipleship of men.

Please click <MMN Leadership> for a list of the members of the Steering Committee comprising pastors, elders, men’s ministry leaders, cell leaders and their current involvement with their local churches. 

We’re a gathering of men with a passion to share experiences and who seek to be an encouragement and a resource to other like-minded men who already have or want to start ministries to men in their local church.

We’re a network of men based on mutually supportive and sharpening relationships, men journeying together in mutual ministry partnership and strategic collaborative efforts, men who have the support and blessing of their pastors for their involvement in such a network.

We are not a formally constituted organization.

Membership is strictly voluntary.

We seek to serve the body of Christ by being God-glorifying, Word-based and Spirit-led.