Founding Member:
Rev. Edmund CHAN, Leadership Mentor, Covenant Evangelical Free Church

Members (in alphabetical order by surname):

Pastor Daniel FOO, Senior Pastor, Bethesda (Bedok-Tampines) Church
Bishop Terry KEE, Lutheran Church of Singapore
Bishop Rennis PONNIAH, Anglican Diocese of Singapore
Bishop Wee Boon Hup, The Methodist Church of Singapore
Rev Guna RAMAN, Senior Pastor, Agape Baptist Church
Rev David WONG, Zion Bishan Bible-Presbyterian Church
Rev Dominic YEO, Senior Pastor, Trinity Christian Centre


Our Steering Committee comprises a band of brothers with a common heart and burden for men's discipleship in the local church. The Committee currently comprises pastors and lay leaders from various churches and a parachurch organization ie the Navigators.

Our Steering Committee is currently led by

  • Pastor Kirk TAN, Pastor/Founding Chairman of Men-in-Covenant (MiC), as Chairman of the Network
  • Rev TAN Kay Kiong, Senior Pastor, Covenant EFC (Bukit Panjang), as Pastoral Advisor
  • Dr Geoff GORSUCH, Director Men's Ministry, the Navigators, as Network Advisor

Detailed Profile of Leadership



Church / Organization

MMN Steerco Function

Ps Kirk Tan

Lay Pastor, Founding Chairman, Men-in-Covenant, Zone Mentor for Covenant Groups

Covenant Evangelical Free Church


Rev Tan Kay Kiong

Senior Pastor

Covenant Evangelical Free Church

Pastoral Advisor

Dr Geoff Gorsuch

Senior Advisor, Men’s Ministry


Ministry Advisor

Chuah Sze Seng

Chairman, Church Board, Men’s Ministry Leader

Shalom Baptist Chapel

Steerco Member

Stephen Heng

LCEC, Men’s Ministry Leader

Sengkang Methodist Church

Steerco Member

Hon Chin Foang

Senior Pastor

Good News Baptist Church

Steerco Member

Rev Lek Yong Teck

Associate Pastor

Bukit Panjang Methodist Church

Steerco Member

Lim Fang Wei

Elder, Men’s Ministry Core Team

New Life Christian Church

Steerco Member

Roland Low

Elder, Church Board, Men’s Ministry Core Team

Zion Bishan BP Church

Steerco Member

Caleb Tan

Elder, Church Council

Providence Presbyterian Church@Fort Canning

Steerco Member

Jason Tan

Men’s Ministry Leader

Queenstown Baptist Church

Steerco Member

Toh Yiu Way

Vice Chairman/Elder, Church Board, Men’s Ministry Chairman

Geylang Evangelical Free Church

Steerco Member

Calvin Yeo

Cell Group Pastor, SJSM Men’s Fellowship Core Team

St John’s St Margaret’s Church

Steerco Member


Pastor Kirk Tan is a lay pastor of Covenant Evangelical Free Church (CEFC) and was founding chairman of its men's ministry called Men-in-Covenant (MiC). Since MiC began more than 10 years ago, MiC has reached men across churches in Singapore and encouraged various men's ministries to start up and to grow. More information on MiC and CEFC is available at

Kirk has been in the banking industry for more than 25 years and currently works in the wealth management sector. Since receiving Christ more than 20 years ago and besides his involvement in men's ministry, Kirk has held various leadership responsibilities at CEFC as a deacon of the Church Board, Director of Worship Ministry, Cell Group Overseer and Cell Group Leader.

Kirk's passion is to see men arise to the glorious destiny that God intended for His men.  He is a regular speaker at the platforms of MiC and other men's ministries.  He has also been involved with consulting with other churches keen to start or develop their ministries to men.

Kirk is married to Hui Peng, a full-time homemaker and a Cell Leader at Covenant EFC, and they have 3 sons.


Rev Tan Kay Kiong is Senior Pastor of Covenant Evangelical Free Church.

As Pastor in charge of the men's ministry called Men-in-Covenant (MiC), he has overseen this ministry since its beginning some 9 years ago. This ministry reach has grown from 10 men to reach a few thousand men in Singapore and beyond. On the national level, he also sits on the "Together in Transformation" movement led by Pastor Rick Seaward.

A gifted shepherd and counselor, he also mentors both individuals and couples and has a passionate involvement in the discipleship of men and their families over the years.

Kay Kiong graduated from Singapore Bible College with a Bachelor of Theology, and has a Diploma in Family Life Education from Edith Cowan University, Perth.

Kay Kiong is married to Diana for more than 20 years and they have 2 teenage daughters Hilda and Hazel.


Dr Geoff Gorsuch is the key advisor to the Men's Ministry Network.

Geoff graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1968 and flew over 100 combat missions in Vietnam as a reconnaissance pilot. For his meritorious service, Geoff was awarded the Silver Star and four Distinguished Flying Crosses.

Called out of the horrors of war into the ministry of the Navigators, Geoff counseled youth for years in the US and then became the Deputy Director of the Navigators' Ministry in France where he and his family resided for 13 years. In that capacity, he also helped pioneered new ministries in French Africa and Russia. Upon his return in 1992, Geoff was 'loaned' to the Promise Keepers ( to help them develop their men's ministry curriculum and to teach it to thousands of men and their pastors across North America and Europe.

In recent years, Geoff became Director of Men's Ministry for the Navigators ( and has been foundational in the development of the National Coalition of Men's Ministries (NCMM), ( As part of their executive team, he continues to speak at men's conferences and seminars across the country.

Over the years, Geoff has written numerous articles, co-authored anthologies for men and has penned two books of his own for NavPress. The first book was based on his expriences in Vietnam entitled, On Eagles Wings. The second was one of the foundational books of the Promise Keepers movement entitled, Brothers. It helps pastors and laymen establish small groups for men.

Geoff holds a Bachelor of Science from the Air Force Academy, a Certification from the Sorbonne in Paris and a Masters and Doctorate in Practical Ministry from the Leadership Institute in Colorado Springs. Besides Geoff's national and international ministry, Geoff has also assisted many local churches and men's ministries in Singapore and beyond since he came over to reside in Singapore with his wife Diana since 2004. He is a regular speaker at men's meetings, seminars and conferences. Geoff and Diana have two married daughters, Nicole and Julie, who reside in the US.