Men's Ministry Network is not a formal constituted organization based on hierarchy or structure.
Membership is strictly voluntary.

There are 2 ways of being connected to this Network

  • Be a Corporate Member – membership guidelines are listed below and the benefits of membership include the ability to post your events on this website and access to opportunities of ministry partnership and dialogue for mutual learning with other men's ministries.
  • Be on our mailing list.

See below for more details.

(A)  Corporate Membership (as a Church / Men's Ministry / Christian Organization ):

The following are basic guidelines for membership:

If you are a pastor or lay leader in your church / parachurch with a burden for discipling the men in your church / parachurch (irrespective of whether or not your church / parachurch currently has a men's ministry)


If you are currently involved in the leadership or core team of the men's ministry in your church / parachurch

You can apply on behalf of your church / parachurch / men's ministry / organization to be a Corporate Member of the Network if you have the support and blessing of the relevant pastor / key lay leader of your church / parachurch / men's ministry / organization.

The reason for our philosophy of corporate membership is to align to our primary mission of enhancing discipleship of men through ministries to men within the local church. It is our conviction that the role of the church and its pastor and/or key lay leadership are vital for our mission. We are more than happy to share this with your pastor or key lay leader if you wish us to connect with them.

The Steering Committee of this Network reserves the rights to accept or decline any registration for membership at its absolute discretion and will do its best to share the basis of its decision unless where it deems inappropriate to do so.

Please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

(B)  Mailing List:

We recognise and appreciate that some of us may not wish to be members or are unable to be members at this moment.

We certainly would like to stay connected given our common heartbeat and burden for the discipleship of men and would be most happy for you to register to be on our mailing list for our regular news, events and updates.

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