Manhood Resolution

One of the key burdens the LORD had laid upon our hearts as a team is “Our Manhood Resolution” – a resolution for us as God’s men in Singapore, a resolution that captures manhood as God intended.

Below are 2 versions of Our Manhood Resolution – their accompanying brief descriptions will share the circumstances surrounding the conception of each version.  In both versions, we are thankful to God for Rev Edmund Chan (Founding Member of our Advisory Council) and Dr Geoff Gorsuch (Advisor to Men’s Ministry Network) for their invaluable inputs and guidance as we crafted these resolutions.  It is our prayer that Our Manhood Resolution will guide, inspire and empower us in our exciting journey in arising to the glorious destiny that God has in store for us as His men.

The Copyright for this Resolution is held by Covenant Evangelical Free Church on our behalf to ensure our responsibility for its contents.

As we desire this Resolution to be a freely available blessing, we do not require any payment for its reproduction, storage, transmission, translation by any form or means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise as long as

  1. Its source (ie Men’s Ministry Network) is named and
  2. Its copyright status with copyright held by Covenant Evangelical Free Church is acknowledged.  Please write to us for permission for any proposed translation of this Resolution.

2013 Edition (Downloadable)

Manhood Resolution (2013)

The revised version of this Resolution is streamlined from the original version first launched on 1st July 2012 and declared by 600+ men at a prayer gathering called Men-in-Prayer 2012 organised by Men’s Ministry Network.   Our heartbeat is that this Resolution captures the essence of manhood as God intended for His men.  “Our” in the title reflects a band of brothers before God and together in loving accountability, declaring the Resolution.



Our Manhood Resolution : Guidelines

The 1st part of our Resolution seeks to provide the biblical basis upon which we declare the Resolution. It is our prayer we be reminded of the following as we contemplate the basis :


2012 Edition (Downloadable)

Manhood Resolution 2012

This is the original version of the Resolution which was conceived in just 2 months by His gracious inspiration and resonance among the team and is still held dear among us. The idea of a resolution was inspired by the “Courageous” movie which had a resolution for Christian fathers. We are thankful to God for this godly inspiration and for the wonderful resolution shared in the movie.  By the LORD’s leading, the team felt a resonance to craft a new resolution for us as God’s men in Singapore and for a resolution that would be a resolution for all men including fathers.  This Resolution was first launched in 2012 at Men-in-Prayer 2012, the first men’s prayer gathering organised by Men’s Ministry Network on 1st July 2012 and was declared by all the men present led by Rev Edmund Chan.  Click here to see highlights of this inaugural prayer meeting called Men-in-Prayer 2012