Godly Manhood Series - 1st Session (17 Aug 2013)

We thank God for over 100 men across over 20 churches and organizations plus men from various faiths participating in the very 1st session of in our first Godly Manhood Series hosted at Salvation Army Bishan.

Come join us ! Our next session entitled "Targeting RIght" on 21 Sep 2013, Saturday Morning (7.30 to 9.30 am ; breakfast from 7 am). Venue : 20 Bishan Street 22, Salvation Army.  

If you are planning to come, please write to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to assist us in our administration. Thank you for your understanding.



Men-in-Prayer 2013

We had a very blessed time with over 200 men coming together to seek God's face.  Emeritus Bishop Robert Solomon shared a timely word based on the passage in Isaiah 6 taking the men deeper in comprehension and contemplation, confession and compassion, challenge and call, and finally commitment and consecration. Senior Pastor Tony Yeo thereafter led us in a response to addressing our emptiness, our haugtiness, our deafness and our blindness.

We closed the evening with a declaration as God's men, of the 2013 version of Our Manhood Resolution (available for download on this website) with a benediction by Emeritus Bishop.

We are thankful to Kum Yan Methodist Church for hosting this strategic and catalytic prayer gathering of God's men and some 30+ brothers from various churches Kum Yan Methodist Church, St-John's-St Margaret's, Providence Presbyterian @ Fort Canning, Shalom Baptist Chapel, Covenant Evangelical Free Church who served sacrificially at this gathering.  We are also thankful to Pastor John Koh from Worship Pastors Network who led a Spirit-powered time of worship with pastors and leaders from various churches.


Forum 3 : Powering our men's ministries

We had a blessed in Apr 2013 at our 3rd men's ministry network entitled "Powering up our men's ministries" with an emphasis on the need for us to ground our ministries in God's word and in prayer.  We are thankful to International Baptist Chuch for kindly hosting this forum and we saw about 40 leaders partcipating and sharing and exchanging ideas. Joseph Chan, Men's Mnistry at IBC opened us in prayer and shared a welcome address followed by Geoff who shared a timely message about the need for us to be in His presence and to be broken, bold and blessed.  Elder David Ang shared his heart on men and prayer.  Pastor Kay Kiong closed us with a call to seek God's face at Men-in-Prayer 2013.


Men's Conference and Men-in-Prayer 2012 Update:

First, the 1000+ men who participated in our 13th May Men’s Conference co-sponsored by Men’s Ministry Network “A Man and His Money”.

Key highlights are below :

670 men who participated in our 1st July 1st MEN-in-Prayer 2012.

We thank God for various testimonies shared on our recent MEN-in-Prayer.  Some of them are below to the praise of His glory and for our encouragement :

“On Men-in-Prayer : A relevant and convenantal move of God.”
JK, Pastor, A non-denominational church


“The time of worship, word reflection and dedication is awesome. Thanks brethren. The Lord richly bless and multiply you and your ministry.”
HM, Lay Leader, Methodist Church

"I am very much blessed and inspired, because I have been wanting to know what it means to be a man but I lack the platforms to learn. I needed encouragement badly. But here in MIP 2012, I received encouragement from God, and from other brothers from other churches - the encouragement to step up to be a man He expected us to be." ST, Youth Leader, an EFC Church

Some key highlights of this prayer meeting in pictures as below :

Service Team by BBTC

Worship led by
Worship Pastors Network
Opening prayers led by
Senior Ps Dan Foo, BBTC
Bishop Rennis Ponniah
"Covenant Faithfulness" Micah 6:8


Over us, our families, workplaces, church
Rev Edmund Chan on
"You cannot walk with God holding hands with the devil"
Men in unison declaring
Our Manhood Resolution
God's Presence & His Ministry
among His men


95% Men responding
to an altar call
Men in worship
before our God!

Men in Prayers 2012

Ps Kay Kiong
"To God be the glory"


With regards to MEN-in-Prayer, we wish to record our thanks to :

-  BBTC which graciously hosted and provided logistics/organizational support led by Ps Teck Hong

-  Worship led by Pastor Barnabas Chong, Lead Pastor of Cairnhill Methodist involving a team of worship pastors and ministers across 8 churches

-  Bishop Rennis Ponniah and Rev Edmund Chan who were the key prayer leaders.

We also wish to share 3 key developments below :

Videos uploaded on MMN Website

Various videos by MMN are now on our website to keep us updated and for us to share awareness of what MMN is about and our mission. The videos can be found at link below: http://www.mensministrynetwork.org.sg/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2&Itemid=3

Our Manhood Resolution

MMN has crafted our very own Manhood Resolution which was declared by the men during MEN-in-Prayer.

Our 2nd Resource DVD “Demystifying Men’s Ministry – A Vital Link to Men’s Discipleship”

Cost is SGD12 per set.  This DVD records our equipping seminar held at Kum Yan Methodist Church Oct 2011 where > 150 pastors and lay leaders participated.  It has key plenaries on God’s Mandate and Godly Men by Rev Tan Kay Kiong and “Every Man needs a Brother” by Dr Geoff Gorsuch plus workshops on “Do I need another ministry” involving a Senior Pastors Panel comprising Rev Guna Raman, Ps Daniel Foo and Rev Kay Kiong and on “Essentials of an Effective Men’s Ministry” involving a lay leaders panel comprising Dr Geoff Gorsuch, David Ang and Kirk Tan.  If you wish to order, please write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Yours in Him
Men’s Ministry Network Steering Committee

Our Mission : To enhance the discipleship of men by encouraging, equipping and empowering ministries to men within the distinctive context of each local church.  For more information please visit our website at www.mensministrynetwork.org.sg


***** END *****

MMN "Starting and Growing a Men's Ministry in a Local Church" Forum Update:

Dear Forum Participant,

Thank you for encouraging us with your participation in our first Forum on “Starting and Growing a Men’s Ministry in a Local Church” last Saturday 14th April.

God’s presence was clearly sensed and an exciting buzz felt among the more than 80 of us (pastors and lay leaders) across 28 churches who participated.  Feedback was generally positive with good/excellent rating making up 87.7% of feedback submissions.

The following are some testimonies from brothers (who have graciously given us their kind permission to share with all of us)

“This Forum has strengthened my resolve to minister to the men of my local church through a more intentional process of reaching (discipling) men”. Ps Jimmy Boh  Lead Pastor, Leng Kwang Baptist Church


“ I have been challenged.  SJSM will start a men’s ministry God willing in July 2012.  Look forward to work with MMN !” Brother Simon Devaraj, Lay Leader, St-John’s St Margaret’s Church


“ Was encouraged by the brother’s testimony. This is the way to connect with men!” Elder Kar Fatt , Mount Carmel BP Church.

Our heartfelt thanks also to the many brothers from various churches who came to serve !  Thank you !  Our special thanks also to our brothers from the men’s ministry of Salvation Army (especially brother Vincent and Peng Soon) who graciously offered to host the event and provided wonderful support to MMN team.

To recap the closing exhortation by our Pastoral Advisor Rev Tan Kay Kiong, men’s discipleship is about God’s spiritual mandate for His men and not just a focus on the organizational aspects of the ministry.  Those with the heart and burden for the men in their church should prayerfully discuss and work with their key pastors when considering men’s ministry as a men’s discipleship platform and should explore how it can be practically outworked within the key small group infrastructure of the church.


Our Chairman Kirk shared about an Events Posting facility now available at MMN’s website which seeks to make available to those interested and involved in men’s ministries, what existing men’s ministries are doing so that all can be encouraged to visit one another’s men’s ministry events and learn from one another.  The MMN Team is also looking to launch an online forum module soon to facilitate discussions regarding men’s ministry and men’s discipleship.

Re MMN’s next events :

-   19th May Sat (2 to 6 pm) : Men’s Conference “A man and his money – being truly rich” co-sponsored by MMN and Men-in-Covenant in partnership with Crown Financial Ministries.  Registration is now open at www.mensconference.org.sg.  Do hope we can participate and be encouraged.  Tickets are at S$10 per person (minimum 2 tickets to encourage us to bring a pre-believing friend to these openly Christian non-gospel sharing platform which has blessed more than 5,000 men across more than 100 churches and men from various faiths over the years).  Electronic flyer is attached  - please help to spread the word around.

-   1st July Men’s Prayer Sun (7 to 10 pm) led by Rev. Edmund Chan and Bishop Rennis Ponniah and hosted by Bethesda (Bedok-Tampines) Church.

-   20th Oct Sat (2 to 5.30 pm) - Next MMN Forum

Once again, the MMN team thanks you for the wonderful support and also the many brothers who came to serve on the day of the forum !  All praise and glory be unto God indeed !

Yours in Him

Kirk Tan                                                                    Chuah Sze Seng Chairman,
Men's Ministry Network Founding Chairman           Director, MMN 14th April Forum
Men-in-Covenant                                                     Vice Chairman, Church Council, Shalom Baptist Chapel

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it           Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tel: 92311220                                                          Tel: 91816850

Corporate Office : 167 Jalan Bukit Merah, Tower 5, #17-10, Singapore 150167


***** END *****


Men Need Safe Place for Mutual Support: Expert

This article written by Edmond Chua appeared on The Christian Post (Singapore Edition), October 20, 2011. It can also be read online at http://sg.christianpost.com/dbase/society/1788/section/1.htm

Why don't men share their struggles more in the church?

The answer, according to an expert, is that they don't feel that it is a safe place, a place where they are comfortable opening up their lives.

Men in church are often surrounded by their wife and children and are preoccupied with their needs.

But, with a few very intentional steps, a church can create a safe place where men will gladly participate in male soul talk, sharing their dreams and struggles and helping each other walk in faith.

Unlike women, men need to win each other's confidence and respect before they can offer mutual encouragement and support.

Compared to women, "men take more time to get to the place where they are ready to do soul talk," noted Dr. Geoffrey Gorsuch. He is Director of Men's Ministry for the Navigators and Advisor to Men’s Ministry Network, www.mensministrynetwork.org.sg. It is an inter-church based network which already currently has 22 members comprising men’s ministries, churches and parachurches since its quiet inception this year.

A series of events discussing male-specific issues facilitates men coming together in small groups for mutual support. One model consists of a monthly seminar, a weekend retreat and an annual conference.

"Once that bond is there, then information can flow freely through each other's lives, to each other, and help and encouragement can come relatively strongly at that point," said the expert.

Men will not engage in masculine soul talk in the presence of women. A man will only do it with another man that he trusts. Men who have done that will probably find it easier to open up and talk to their wives.

Men's ministry is not just theory for Dr. Gorsuch. He has personally benefited from mentoring by men committed to helping younger men. Since then, he has been involved in assisting men's ministries for some 25 years now.

He helped Promise Keepers develop its men's ministry curriculum. And he has been foundational in the development of the National Coalition of Men's Ministries (NCMM).

Having moved to Singapore in 2005, he is today Advisor to an inter-church based Men's Ministry Network in Singapore of which he was a co-founding member while also being a key member of the men’s ministry committee at his church. Men’s Ministry Network is an informal, loose, relational based network of church leaders comprising pastors, elders, cell leaders, lay ministry leaders with a mission “to enhance the discipleship of men by encouraging, equipping and empowering ministries to men within the distinctive context of each local church”.

The Network’s inaugural event on 13th May this year had Dr. Jerry White, Emeritus International President of the Navigators, as Guest Speaker sharing on the topic of “Finishing Well”. This closed door dialogue event saw more than 100 key pastors and lay leaders across Singapore participating.

Prayer, God's Word and a good strategy are essential to men's ministry. So is research on the male make-up, support from the top-level leadership of a local church, committed and respected men leading the mThere is a need for churches to place greater emphasis on ministering to the unique, basic needs of men.

Much of what the Church does is oriented toward meeting the needs of women and children, the expert observed.

"We must be intentional to create what we call a safe place where men can feel free to process their lives and to do what we call masculine soul talk," he said.

The best way to encourage churches to minister to male needs is to lovingly invite their leaders to see and experience the work of existing men's ministries.

Dr. Gorsuch will be one of 2 keynote speakers together with the Reverend Tan Kay Kiong, who is Senior Pastor Designate of Covenant Evangelical Free Church (CEFC) and also the Pastor overseeing Men-in-Covenant, the men’s ministry of CEFC in an upcoming seminar on October 22 held at Kum Yan Methodist Church.

This event, organised by Men’s Ministry Network, seeks to engage pastors and key lay leaders in a discussion about the philosophy behind and the critical need for effective ministries to men within the local church. It is aptly titled: Demystifying men's ministry - a Vital Link to Men’s Discipleship”.

In addition to 2 key plenaries, this Seminar will also have 2 workshops with a Senior Pastors’ discussion panel comprising Pastor Daniel Foo from Bethesda (Bedok-Tampines) Church, Rev. Guna Raman from Agape Baptist Church and Rev. Kay Kiong from CEFC and also a Lay Leader’s discussion panel comprising Dr. Gorsuch, Mr. Kirk Tan who is Chairman of Men’s Ministry Network and Men-in-Covenant, and Mr. David Ang who is an Elder and Men’s Ministry Leader at Kum Yan Methodist Church.

In the final analysis, men's ministry is simply about helping men be better men. It is about helping men feel competent in family, work, community and community service.

The men's ministry he is part of seeks to reinforce the development of men's consciousness and awareness of their four roles in life. It also seeks to equip men with practical skills to fulfil those roles.

A man is called to build the Kingdom of God. He is to stand for righteousness and social justice. And he is to love the souls of his wife and children. Finally, he is to come alongside other men who share the same heart, vision and passion for the things of God.

The men's ministry movement started in the 1980s with the deep desire of American Christians for ministry to men. Now it is coming to Asia. And Singapore is a significant part of it.

Having assisted men's ministries in the region, Dr. Gorsuch said: "I have found that where I have really seen the greatest hunger and desire to develop men's ministry, that's here in Singapore. Men’s Ministry Network is one key concrete expression of this move of God."

Dr. Gorsuch's website: www.lifecoach.org
Men's Ministry Network website: www.mensministrynetwork.org.sg

Edmond Chua
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



***** END *****


MMN's Equipping Seminar Update:

MMN's Equipping Seminar held on 22 October 2011 "Demystifying Men's Ministry - A Vital Link to Men's Discipleship" saw an estimated 150+ pastors/full time staff/lay leaders across 40+ churches and organizations who attended and participated.

Pastor Kay Kiong shared on "God's Mandate and Godly Men" ending with 2 provocative questions:

  • "What are you doing in your church to disciple godly men?"
  • "How successful are you in reproducing godly men?"

Dr Geoff Gorsuch shared on "Every Man Needs a Brother" and focused on how most men and women are wired differently and hence the need of a "safe" place for men.

42 participants joined the Pastors Workshop on "Do I need another ministry in my church?" anchored by Pastor Kay Kiong, Pastor Dan Foo and Pastor Guna; the rest participated in the Lay Leaders Workshop on "The Essentials of an Effective Ministry to Men" anchored by Dr Geoff Gorsuch, Kirk Tan, Chairman of Men-in-Covenant and David Ang, Men's Ministry Leader at Kum Yan Methodist Church.

Some encouragements were received:

"Saturday session was excellent. Larry and Kit were well pleased too. Thank you for what you do for Him (and us) !" PS, Men's Ministry, IBC

"It was exciting to have many people with the same passion in the same room." TH, Men's Ministry, AGM

"I watched the MMN team in action today and at the prayer night ..... then it hit me. This is not a team that just come together for pictures but are all impassioned with the same vision and owning it together. A Men's Ministry in itself bonded in such thick brotherhood that church walls cannot separate; modeling what a blessing it is to simply to be a brother to one another." SC, Men's Ministry, MiC

"My team and I were tremendously blessed by the sessions that we had during the seminar." SL, Men's Ministry, CHC

"We are glad we attended the seminar. It provides some very useful information as to how we can bring the men's ministry in our church forward." GT, Anglican Church

We have attached video links about what Men's Ministry Network is all about and an insight from Rev Edmund Chan, the Senior Pastor of Covenant Evangelical Free Church. Please click the respective video link for the < Men's Ministry Network > and < Rev Edmund Chan's Insight > .


***** END *****


Men's Conference 2010: Date changed to 19 May 2012 (from 29 May) Saturday afternoon for this Conference co-sponsored by MMN and MiC and in participation with Crown Financial Ministries, where its CEO Chuck Bentley will be a speaker. The date change was to accomodate Chuck's schedule. We're praying over a 2nd speaker and we're thinking of an Asian Christian businessman or a marketplace personnel. The theme will be around Men and His Money/Wealth although a more exact focus is still being prayed over and considered.

We also advised that 2010's Conference saw 7 participating organizations while 2011's Conference saw 24 participating organizations. We invited all churches and Christian organizations at the seminar to consider participating in next year's Men's Conference. Please click the < video link > for the highlights of 2010 Men's Conference.


***** END *****

God is calling men to destiny! By Dr Geoff Gorsuch

We can be sure of that because even at the height of their rebellion in ancient Jerusalem, God still called out to them promising an abundant life if they would only return to Him. Jeremiah revealed God’s heart when he cried out,  “ ‘I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future’ ” (29:11). And that hasn’t changed. God has a destiny in mind for all men.